Welcome to the updated Mag Wheel website. We never really went away, just neglected the site a bit for the last few years!

Here's what's new:

MAG023 Spoon Anticipation 7" is now in it’s 3rd pressing on ltd white vinyl. 1st press was on black, 2nd on red with some in very limited silkscreened sleeves, and 3rd is currently available on white vinyl. It will not be pressed again, so get one now.

Mag Wheel also released Party of One by Plymouth Michigan’s Jeremy Porter, who has been doing solo shows around the East Coast and Midwest USA and Canada. He's got a new band - Jeremy Porter & The Tucos - look for a new 7" on Mag Wheel this Spring! Check them out at and

Nfld alt country singer David Picco, (currently fronting Toronto’s Jetset Motel), released a CD with us that sold very well through the defunct California mailorder site Miles of Music. There was also a limited, hand numbered 12" EP by Toronto’s Great Lake Swimmers, (weewerk/Nettwerk records). This one sold out pretty fast, and will not be repressed, so it is OOP.

The Nils Green Fields in Daylight MAG012 CD is currently OOP, but you can get a bunch of new Nils releases put out by Alex’s brother Carlos via Cheap Thrills record store in Montreal. Check out their site at: where you can find 3 Nils LPs, an Alex Soria LP/CD, and a Nils CD/DVD.

Montreal’s Fearless Freep called it a day after 3 full lengths on Mag Wheel. Vocalist and guitarist Rob Stephens is now serving time in the Montreal band Boo Hoo. You can check them out here: and at their website:

Graig Markel of New Sweet Breath/Tagging Satellites/solo fame continues to put out records from his home base in Seattle WA. You can check out Graig’s releases, and side-projects at these sites:,, and his latest project Dead Ship Sailing:

More News:

Gabe Levine, vocalist for Sackville, has a new solo CD, and you can find out more here:

Harris Newman of Sackville also has some very fine solo releases. Check it out here:

Scott Schmaljohn, guitarist and vocalist of The Treepeople and Mag Wheel Stuntman, has a new Boise Idaho based band. called The Hand:

Ken Chambers of the legendary Moving Targets continues to put out solo music,, and ex-members of Ottawa’s Resin Scraper have a bunch of new projects, including the awesome Four’n’Giv’r:

You can check out the Mag Wheel and Chino(ex-Nils) Myspace sites here: and

Feel free to drop me a line at magwheel [at] hotmail [dot] com

Woody R. Whelan


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